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Lab News

2/2023: Quite a few developments since the last update. We have officially started both field seasons for our San Francisco  Estuary Microbes to Zooplankton in restoring wetlands project and for our Alaska Nauplii project.  Dr. Jungbluth traveled to Alaska in January to run a few experiments and get things set up for the field team to collect samples over the next couple months. In San Francisco, students Erick Ortiz and Anthony Donahue have begun collecting water, zooplankton, and larval fish samples in restoring wetlands and will be on the water every other week through the end of March. 

8/2022: A new semester has started! Lots of exciting things to come for this fall 2022 with new graduate students, new projects, and a new future scientist coming soon to the Jungbluth family.  


We found out this month that Dr. Jungbluth was awarded her first NSF Polar Program Grant! This is very exciting and brings her research into colder waters in the Gulf of Alaska. Stay tuned for exciting developments as we start this new project.

1/2022:  Our new​ field season has officially started! We'll be sharing photos from the wetlands of the northern San Francisco Estuary over the next few months! 

Photos from the field

Creatures from the sea!

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