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Synthetic Biology and Bioengineering

Our group has burgeoning interests in synthetic biology and bioengineering. These cutting-edge fields offer innovative solutions to pressing environmental challenges. By wielding the new synthetic biology toolkits, we can engineer marine organisms to degrade pollutants, sequester carbon, and restore ecosystems. These interdisciplinary approaches not only deepen our understanding of marine life but also drive practical applications for ocean health. Embracing these technologies is a long-term goal positioning our lab at the forefront of applied science, fostering a sustainable future for our oceans.

Published Works

Park H, ..., Jungbluth SP, ..., Dehal PS. (2023). A bacterial sensor taxonomy across earth ecosystems for machine learning applications. mSystems, 9(1), e0002623.

Kesapragada M, ..., Jungbluth SP, ..., Dehal PS. (2022). Generative model for Pseudomonad genomes. NeurIPS 2022 Workshop on Learning Meaningful Representations of Life, 2022/12/28.

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